Work Environment

Ormed Front Lobby

Ormed moved into its own custom building in November 2010.
The whole premise of the construction and environment is around "Green" technology.

All the heating and cooling for the entire building is drawn from a field 200' deep, that balances the work environment between warmth in the winter and
cooling in the summer.

Ormed Kitchen

All lighting is controlled by motion detectors, and uses the most efficient light convertors we can purchase.

However not only do we believe on being kind to our environment,
but also to our people.

Ormed Massage Lounge

The "ReBoot Lounge" features four leather massage chairs for back relief and our "Staff Lounge" features a pool table, darts,
Juke-Box, X-Box and other mental breaks from a hard days work!.

Ormed- TGames Lounge

Work with us

Tired of the grind? The lousy workspace? The same old same old? Join a unique software company that partners with other IT leaders like GE Healthcare, GHX, NTT Data to develop and implement management information software solutions that are shaping the future of healthcare worldwide.

Ormed Head Office

At Ormed, we value entrepreneurial, creative thinkers who are as passionate about their work as we are about our clients and their work. We provide a friendly, comfortable workplace with lots of perks, a competitive salary and benefits package, and a lively team philosophy in which to make a significant contribution and grow as an individual.

If you want your opinion to count, your ideas to be heard, and your creativity and skills to be put to the test, please click the icon below to submit your resume.

We are always looking for qualified staff to join our team.

We work together to model superior business efficiency. (We use a lot of our own software.) And we are united by a set of value statements we hold dear:

  • Communicate honestly, ethically, and directly with all clients,
    all stakeholders, and each other
  • Work together, united by a common goal and guided by a common vision, to provide superior business management solutions to all clients
  • Learn freely and openly from successes and failures
  • Objectively explore all options for continuous improvement
  • Empower and support all team members, respect diversity,
    and encourage individuality

In addition to being a great place to work and grow, Ormed offers competitive salary and benefits, a relaxed office environment with plenty of team and individual perks, and flexible work hours and arrangements.

Fun with Ormed

"Sure, there is the outstanding people, pool table, bubble hockey,
4-Xbox's, treed park and a massive staff lounge with massage chairs, but who really wants that at work?"

Fraser Callin
Software Developer


"An unlimited amount of challenging, exciting, and ever-changing work. What more could anyone ask for?"

Michael Gregg
Tech Support

"The relaxed and flexible atmosphere, makes coming
to work something to look forward to. The new challenges and autonomy makes it a pleasure! "

Neill Orr


We are currently looking to expand our programming, sales and service teams across the USA. So we are on the look out for talented people with experience in healthcare management information systems.


Nathan RiskeIf you feel you have something to offer us, please forward your resume to: