ORMED MIS™ Supply Chain Management for Healthcare

Supply Chain Management - Healthcare


Requisitioning stops unauthorized expenses before they're incurred, eliminates tedious and time-consuming paper trails, and encourages compliance with existing purchasing contracts.

With Ormed Requisitioning you can:

  • Order services, supplies, and capital items through standard catalogs specifically defined for each user
  • Search vendor catalogs live on ORMED X® and add items directly into open requisitions
  • Route purchase requests through an established approval
    process predicated on the nature of the requisition, the person requisitioning, and the amount of the purchase to prevent unauthorized purchases
  • Automatically update requisition line status as the request moves through approval to purchasing,
    receiving, and delivery
  • Select from requisition types including Regular, Capital, Service and Request for Information
  • Display unique subsets of the Materials Management item catalog for each user or group
  • Track the status of each requisition online and avoid telephone tag and e-mail lag
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry with requisition information that flows to RFQs,
    purchase orders, receiving, invoicing, and payments
  • Consolidate multiple requests to a single requisition and multiple requisitions to a single PO
  • Drill-down to requisition and approval records from live financial statements in Discovery EIS
  • Streamline business processes and improve data quality with catalog and vendor files that are
    common to materials management and finance, and shared with external trading partners through ORMED X